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Durabox Storeaway Horizontal Shed 850l
Durabox Storeaway Horizontal Shed 850l
Durabox Storeaway Horizontal Shed 850l

Durabox Storeaway Horizontal Shed 850l

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The StoreAway garden shed was designed to ensure plenty of storage space for your outdoor accessories, being ideal for safely keeping your gardening tools and equipment, bikes, BBQ and much more. Made with heavy-duty plastic material, weatherproof design and wide opening doors for enhanced maneuverability, this shed will definitely impress you!

THE PERFECT SOLUTION: Tired of always improvising when it comes to safely storing your gardening tools, bikes or outdoor accessories? Would you like to keep your yard neatly organized without too much effort? The StoreAway garden storage box is exactly what you need!

PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS: This shed is made from superior quality, highly durable plastic material, featuring a special design which is weatherproof and guaranteed to withstand the test of time without cracking or breaking.

CAPACITY & DIMENSIONS: This outdoor storage shed has a capacity of 850L and measures 29” x 51.2” x 43”, a generous dimension completed by wide opening doors and roof for added storage room!

MULTIPURPOSE & VERSATILE: Whether for your gardening or housework tools, bikes, BBQ or other maintenance equipment, this garden shed is highly ergonomic and versatile, covering your every need!

ELEGANT DESIGN: Unlike similar products on the market, this storage shed has an elegant, classic design and simple black colour, being easy to mix and match with any yard or garden décor.

Exterior Dimensions 130 x 74 x 110 cm (LxWxH)

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