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Brand: Remington

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SKU: 78259

Features: high quality and has a scale display. 220v 60hz, with led light indicates power. Switch on the left and right side, convenient to operate. Suitable for beauty salon, beauty salon, spa, personal use. Automatic heating with protective cover, flexible, easy to carry, use for hair removal. This unit comes with 2 heater cartridges for your convenience. It could heat up more wax and save time. Hair removal gives your skin smooth and feel like you want it. Operation: -before using, make sure that the skin is absolutely clean. -insert the wax into the wax machine. -connect the wax machine, connect the main power and turn on the power. -heat the wax for about 20 - 30 minutes. Then start using. -move the products in the direction that the hair grows and cover the area of 15 - 18 square centimeters. If the wax is too hot, please wait for a while to begin the operation. Or place the wax on the waxing paper for use. -use the paper strip in the treatment area. Use your hand to press down the hair grows. -tear the paper from the hair removal to the reverse direction of the hair. Then use the cleaner to clean. -after cleaning, use the fragrance-free moisture to massage.

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