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Cuisinart Plancha & Grill 1400w
Cuisinart Plancha & Grill 1400w

Cuisinart Plancha & Grill 1400w

Brand: Cuisinart

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The Griddle & Grill is a really versatile product to have in your kitchen. The interchangeable, dishwasher safe, grill and griddle plates can be used for a variety of different recipes, from tasty pancakes to delicious paninis or perfect steaks.

Part of the Style Collection, it will look great on your worktop, but is compact enough to be easily stored on a shelf or in a cupboard.

The Griddle & Grill comes with two sets of removable, dishwasher safe plates. Use the ribbed grill plates for perfect grill marks on meats and paninis or the flat griddle plates for eggs and pancakes. You can also mix and match by using one of each plate - perfect for a cooked breakfast.

With a high temperature of 240°C, it will sear steaks in minutes, but with variable heat settings, you can have total control, for gentle cooking of fish and vegetables. With fast heat up and heat recovery, you can achieve professional cooking results, whatever your recipe. Ideal for healthier cooking, the high-grade, non-stick coating only requires a little oil and the integrated drip tray will drain off and discreetly collect excess fats.

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