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COLUMBIA VAC KC100 portable air cooler

COLUMBIA VAC KC100 portable air cooler

Brand: LEX

$ 99.00

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SKU: KC 100

COLUMBIAVAC KC100 portable air conditioner - 3in1: COOLING, VENTILATION, HUMIDIFYING - tank capacity: 4l - mechanical control - easy to use control panel - three fan operating modes - oscillation function - air filter - equipped with wheels for easy movement and storage of the device during the period, when not in use - power: 65W - 24 month warranty - technical parameters: - air flow: 120m3/h - capacity for the room: 15m2 - tank capacity: 4l - weight 4.10 kg - power supply voltage: 220-240V ~ 50HzW set: - air conditioner - 2 cooling cartridges - air filter Need a break from the heat? Use the air conditioner! A portable air conditioner will provide you with effective cooling, ventilation and air humidification on hot summer days. Here, warm air is absorbed from the environment and forced by a fan through the cartridges, which are constantly moistened with water. Water - in the natural evaporation process - absorbs heat, thanks to which cool and refreshing air flows out of the air conditioner. In addition, the level of humidity in the room increases at the same time, which also translates into an increase in comfort. The KC100 model is easy to use, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It has a 4L water tank, air filter and a convenient control panel and mounted swivel wheels that make it easy to move. There are three fan modes and an oscillation function to choose from, and there are also vertical and horizontal louvers to control the flow of cold air. To increase the cooling efficiency, you can put frozen cartridges (filled with water) or ice cubes into the water tank. Functions: - cooling - cool - fan - SPEED - 3 speed levels - oscillation - SWING - only vertical louvers rotate automatically (horizontal louvers must be set manually) Control panel -

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