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Beurer Inhaler Ih 26 Nebulizer

Beurer Inhaler Ih 26 Nebulizer

Brand: Beurer

$ 73.00

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SKU: BEU60135

Inhaler with easy-to-use nasal douche


Increase your well-being through inhalation. In the case of asthma, colds and respiratory diseases, the inhaler can relieve the symptoms.

Compressor compressed air technology

For the treatment of upper and lower respiratory tract, cold, asthma, respiratory diseases

High proportion of respirable particles

Incl. nasal shower

Short inhalation time

Working pressure: approx. 0.8 – 1.45 bar

Extensive accessories

Storage bag

Can be disinfected

Nebulization performance: approx. 0.3 ml/min

Medical device

Network operation

The baby mask is suitable for babies and toddlers aged 0-3 years. The children’s mask is suitable for children aged 2 and over.

However, depending on the shape/size of your face, it can vary as to when which mask is suitable. When inhaling with a mask, it is important to ensure that the mask fits well and that your eyes remain free.

For babies and children, the mask should cover the mouth and nose to ensure effective inhalation.

Note: Children should only inhale under supervision and with the help of an adult and should not be left alone during inhalation.

Nebulization next to sleeping people makes little sense, as not enough of the medication can reach the lungs.

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