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Beurer IH 24 Kids
Beurer IH 24 Kids
Beurer IH 24 Kids

Beurer IH 24 Kids

Brand: Beurer

$ 78.00

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SKU: 60309

For the treatment of the upper and lower respiratory tract of acute and chronic illnesses such as colds, asthma and bronchitis

Air compressor technology generates the finest particles which transport the active ingredients into the lungs in seconds, Particle size (MMAD): 3.07 μm

High nebulization performance (approx. 0.35 ml/min.) - short inhalation time

Nebulization kit: Mouthpiece, Silicone mask for children and babies

Elbow, Nebulizer, 10 filters, Hose and storage bag, Mains mode, Medical device

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