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Beurer Fascia Releazer Mg 850
Beurer Fascia Releazer Mg 850

Beurer Fascia Releazer Mg 850

Brand: Beurer

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SKU: 64038

Breaks down fascia agglutinations, Rejuvenates and regenerates the muscle tissue

Significant increase in circulation, Significantly increases suppleness and mobility

Patented world innovation

Deep-ReleaZerĀ® attachments made of high-quality solid wood

Ideal for treating the back and neck as well as the hips and thighs

Relieves tension in the back region, Relaxes the muscles

3 attachments with different degrees of hardness for a personalised massage treatment, 2 massage programs

4 treatment surfaces (smooth and convex side, 2 edges)

Battery life of up to 11 hours per charge, Charging time approx. 2.5 hours

Battery indicator lithium-ion battery, Automatic switch-off

Non-slip handles with soft-touch surface

On/off switch with coloured backlighting and function light

Includes application DVD

Includes attachment with hook-and-loop fastener and threads for secure attachment and to ensure it is easy to use

Comfortable and penetrating soft-touch surface

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