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Beurer By 33 Babycare Monitor

Beurer By 33 Babycare Monitor

Brand: Beurer

$ 70.00

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SKU: 95260

4211125952600 baby monitor - digital babyphone for quiet hours and save nights consisting of parent and baby unit ecomode for low emission and energy efficient transmission digital wireless technology for excellent sound quality visual noise level monitoring with flashing leds interference-free transmission with 120 different channels immediately ready for operation - no installation required range of up to 300 meter range control with signal when contact is interrupted volume adjustment (parent unit), change battery alarm transmission frequency 1. 8 ghz incl. Mains parts and ni-mh rechargeable batteries in the parent unit power supply: input: 100-240 v ac / 50/60 hz / 150 ma output: 6 v dc / 450 ma

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