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Beurer BF 980 WIFI diagnostic scale
Beurer BF 980 WIFI diagnostic scale

Beurer BF 980 WIFI diagnostic scale

Brand: Beurer

$ 167.00

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SKU: 76009

The BF 980 WIFI diagnostic scale comes with a connection to the free “beurer HealthManager Pro” app. The data of each weighing process can be automatically uploaded via WIFI. Thanks to the extra large Magic Display in a modern DotMatrix look, the measurement results can also be easily read directly on the bathroom scale. In addition to a comprehensive body analysis in which weight, body fat, muscle percentage and BMI are measured, the body fat scale also carries out a heart rate measurement.

Determination of body weight, fat, muscle percentage, BMI and heart rate

Further values ​​with the free ” beurer HealthManager Pro ” app – analysis records and graphical evaluations of metabolic age, body water, calories, BMR/AMR and bone mineral content

Quick and easy handling of the body fat scale through initial setup via Bluetooth ® and subsequent automatic data synchronization after each weighing process via WIFI

Integrated battery for easy recharging (including USB-C cable)

Modern scale design with an extra large magic display in a dot matrix look and a digit height of 48 mm

Extra large tread surface (35 x 30 cm) with ITO* coated safety glass and a load capacity of 180 kg with preventive overload indicator

Possibility to set 5 activity levels with regard to the average exercise per week for a more precise calorie requirement value

Equipped with 8 user memories and automatic user recognition

Possibility to change the unit from kg/lb/st 

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