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Babyliss Rotating Air Brush 600w As950e
Babyliss Rotating Air Brush 600w As950e

Babyliss Rotating Air Brush 600w As950e

Brand: Babyliss

$ 127.65

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Rotating hot air brush for a flawless salon blow dryer finish. . . The ceramic shaft rotates while the soft bristles grip, control and smooth the hair and effortlessly mimic a hairdresser’s blow drying. Ion technology releases conditioning ions to control frizz and improve shine when styling. With two interchangeable brush head sizes, perfect for increasing volume, fullness, and shape across all hair lengths.

Brush diameter

40 mm

Rotating brush

Included by default

Rotating round brush, Round brush

Brush hair material

Boar hair, Plastic

Ionic technology

The ionic technology prevents static or frizzy hair and ensures a beautiful result.

This curling brush automatically rotates and the rotation direction can be adjusted, so you can easily twist it in your hair.

The ceramic coating protects your hair from damage by the heat of the curling brush.

With a 40mm diameter, you can’t create wavy hair if it falls above the shoulders.

You need a regular hair dryer to quickly dry your hair.

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With the BaByliss Big Hair Dual AS950E, you can give your long hair volume and waves. Thanks tot the ionic technology, you hair won’t frizz and will get a nice gloss. Do you have thin or damaged hair? The brush is also suitable for you. The brush hairs of the 2 included brushes are made of soft boar hair. You can adjust the temperature to your hair type with the 2 temperature settings and you can choose 2 different hair dryer settings. You also choose the direction of the rotation of the brushes. This way, you can decide in which direction your hair falls, and you create a natural hairdo. When you’re done, you can protect the round brushes in the included protective covers.

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