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Ariete Oven Airfryer 11l
Ariete Oven Airfryer 11l

Ariete Oven Airfryer 11l

Brand: Ariete

$ 250.00

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SKU: 4619

Air fryer and oven 11l. With multifunction frying, browning, roasting, defrosting, heating, grill and gratin; rotisserie rotisserie function for a whole chicken Removable rotating basket for air frying; roasting pan with drip tray function Removable transparent door with internal light to see the cooking of food Adjustable timer 60 minutes; variable temperature up to 80-200ºc Accessories 3 roasting racks, 1 baking tray, 1 rotating skewer for chicken, 1 rotating basket and 1 u-shaped handle to remove the pitcher and the rotating basket

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