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Victorinox Cut Set Black 4p, 6.7126.4

Victorinox Cut Set Black 4p, 6.7126.4

Brand: Victorinox

$ 73.00

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SKU: 6.7126.4

Tackles pizza and steaks with their wavy edge Swiss made steak and pizza knife block with 4 pieces All knives with ultrasharp, wavy edges and ergonomic handles Bring color and function to the table with our tidy Swiss Classic Steak and Pizza Knife Block. Each of the four pieces in this set of table knives has an ultra-sharp wavy edge designed for smoothly cutting through steak and pizza. They come in a safe storage solution to house the knives or to serve as a decorating element at the table. Functional in purpose, but with a twist of fun in their juicy colorway of light green, yellow, pink and orange, this block lifts the mood in any kitchen and at any table. Dimensions (HxWxD): 12.5x6.7x26.7cm Weight: 629g

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