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Ticarat Swing Lid Ss 16l Bin 52x24cm

Ticarat Swing Lid Ss 16l Bin 52x24cm


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Swing Lid Waste Bin 16 Liter Stainless and Plastic -Thanks to the double-sided swinging cover, it provides easy use with one touch, thanks to its cover, it prevents odor and bad appearance, if desired, it can be used by removing the cover. - You can use it hygienically and comfortably with its swinging cover that moves in two directions, the cover will automatically close after you are done. -Ideal for Home, Workplace, Office, Cafe, Bathroom, Kitchen and Office; Foreca trash cans are ideal for tight spaces. It is designed for practical use. Does not interfere with your work, makes your life easier -It is made of durable stainless steel, it adds elegance to any environment with its chrome plating and design, and it is used for a long time with its stainless structure. On the cover part, durable plastic material is used. -Provides hygienic use thanks to its double-sided swinging cover, and prevents the formation of bacteria with its stainless steel body. -Different sizes are available for different n

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