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HAILO - Tefal Super Cook 9 pc set Red

Tefal Super Cook 9 pc set Red

USD 150.00 USD 82.00
(Frypan 24, Wokpan 28, Stewpot 22/24+ Lid, Ladle, Spoon, Slotted spoon, Long Spatula) EASY CLEANING: Non-stick coating inside and out for effortless cleaning. EASY-TO-USE: Ideal features and design to help beginners get started cooking right. HEAT INDICATOR: Thermo-Spot marking turns full red when the pan reaches the ideal temperature, for perfect searing performance made easy. NON-STICK COATING: Power glide coating enables effortless cleaning and easy cooking performance. GLASS LID: For easy monitoring HEALTHY: Pfoa free Get delicious results every day
HAILO - Tefal
SKU B243S986

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