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Philips Hybrid Blister Qp2510/10

Philips Hybrid Blister Qp2510/10

Brand: Abed Tahan

$ 45.00


SKU: QP2510/10

Trim, edge and shave any length of hair Designed to cut hair, not skin Trim, edge, shave For any length of hair 2 x click-on stubble combs Rechargeable, wet & dry use Unique OneBlade technology Unique OneBlade technology Designed for facial styling and body grooming, the Philips OneBlade trims, edges and shaves any length of hair. It delivers an easy and comfortable shave thanks to a glide coating and rounded tips. And with a cutter that moves at 200x per second, it’s efficient even on longer hairs. Trim it down Trim it down Trim your beard to a precision stubble length with one of the included 2 stubble combs. 1mm for a 5 o'clock, and 2mm for a stubble. Edge it up Edge it up Get precise lines in seconds with the dual-sided blade that enables you to see every hair you’re cutting. Technical Specifications Trimming & shaving performance Shaving system Contour-following technology Dual protection system Trimming system Contour-following technology Service 2-year warranty On the handle Replacement head QP210, QP220, QP610, QP620 Replace every 4 months* Accessories Comb 2 stubble combs (1, 2 mm) Maintenance Storage cap Design Color Lime green, charcoal grey Handle Ergonomic grip Ease of use Charging Rechargeable Wet and dry use Yes Rotational on/off switch Yes Power Automatic voltage 100-240 V Battery type Ni-MH Charging 8 hours full charge Run time 30 minutes Max power consumption 2 W

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