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HAILO - Korkmaz Mia Granite Set 7pcs

Korkmaz Mia Granite Set 7pcs

USD 114.00
Kor a1146 mia granit cookware set (7 pcs) grey 20x9,3 cm / 2,8 lt 24x11,3 cm / 4,8 lt 26x6. 2 cm / 3,0 lt 26x4. 5 cm / 2,0 lt Extremely scratch resistant and durable. Manufactured using eco-friendly process. No toxic fumes emitted while cooking. Easy to clean. Free of harmful heavy metals such as lead and cadmium. High heat conductivity allows cooking with low flame. Can use less oil compared to other plans allowing for healthier cooking. Non-stick coating
HAILO - Korkmaz
SKU 242922

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