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Korkmaz Alfa Cookware Set 9 pcs

Korkmaz Alfa Cookware Set 9 pcs

Brand: Korkmaz

$ 156.67

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SKU: 239168

Kor a1660 alfa cookware set (9 pcs) 16x9 cm / 1,8 lt 20x11 cm / 3,5 lt 24x12 cm / 5,5 lt 24x8 cm / 3,5 lt 24x6 cm / 2,7 lt 18/10 Cr-Ni stainless steel construction for years of cooking use Special solar base heating system designed to provide even heating when cooking Ergonomic cool-touch 220C heat resistant stainless steel handles High polished, long life hygienic cooking surfaces Suitable for waterless cooking

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