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HAILO - GREENPAN – VELVET Ceramic Frypan 20 Cm
HAILO - GREENPAN – VELVET Ceramic Frypan 20 Cm

GREENPAN – VELVET Ceramic Frypan 20 Cm

USD 28.86
As the name suggests, the Velvet collection from GreenPan includes pans with silky soft handles. This frying pan is made of aluminum, which guarantees good heat conduction and is easy to clean. The pan may be placed in the oven. The ceramic non-stick coating ensures optimal heat distribution, so that you achieve beautiful, even baking results. Even when heated above 260 ° C, this ceramic coating does not release toxic substances and does not peel. GreenPan processes used materials to the maximum in new products to prevent waste and save the earth. The GreenPan Velvet Frying Pan has a diameter of 20 cm.
HAILO - GreenPan
SKU Cw000021-006

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