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Fitbit FB424BKBK Inspire 3 Fitness Tracker Black/Midnight Zen
Fitbit FB424BKBK Inspire 3 Fitness Tracker Black/Midnight Zen

Fitbit FB424BKBK Inspire 3 Fitness Tracker Black/Midnight Zen

Brand: Fitbit

$ 132.00

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The best exercise is the one you already love, and if you’re unsure whether to go hard today or take it easy, your Daily Readiness Score lets you know. Stress Management Score & Relax Breathing Sessions Everyone feels stress how you respond to it makes the difference. Stress Management Score and guided breathing sessions can teach you healthier ways to handle it all. The Relax app is like a mindfulness teacher on your wrist guiding you through calming breathing sessions so you can find your happy place. Sleep Score & Sleep Profile Premium Better energy starts with better rest. Track your Sleep Score, light, deep & REM sleep, sleeping heart rate and how consistent your schedule is. Your included Premium membership gives you access to your Sleep Profile—get matched with a sleep animal and see your personalised sleep analysis each month. Active Zone Minutes Tracks your heart rate to know when you’re in fat burn, cardio or peak zones and can adjust your effort to match your goals. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing—if you’re moving, it’s exercise. Inspire 3 tracks your steps, distance, calories burned & Active Zone Minutes 24/7. Exercise Modes + Smarttrack Choose from 20 exercise modes to get real-time stats like pace and calorie burn during a workout. If you forget to hit start, no sweat—SmartTrack automatically records common exercises. Menstrual Health Tracking Log periods, record symptoms, estimate ovulation & find patterns in your cycle using Inspire 3 and the Fitbit app. Call & Text Notifications Just glance down to see what’s up. When your phone’s in your pocket, you can be more present. Works when phone is nearby. Irregular Heart Rhythm Notifications Check for signs of an irregular heart rhythm that may be atrial fibrillation (AFib), and share any notable results with your doctor. If your heart rate goes above or below your usual range while you’re at rest, your Fitbit will send you a notification because it could mean something’s up. Up to 10 Day Battery Life Over a week of battery life for more go, more flow, more whoa. Battery life varies with use & other factors. Always-on Wellness Tracking Know your body better and do what’s best by watching for changes in your resting heart rate, blood oxygen, skin temperature & more. Track the oxygen level in your blood (SpO2) to help you learn when there may be an indication of important changes in your well-being. Clock Faces & Accessories With so many clock faces and accessories choices, your looks stay new. Be discreet and clip it to your shirt, pocket or bra.

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