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Brand: Izzat Daouk

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SKU: 786801

Features: suitable for personal, home and beauty use the inner pot with handle can be removed, convenient for everyday use with adjustable temperature control knob, easy to operate indicator light design, much more practical instructions for use: 1. Cut the cosmetic wax into small pieces and fill 80 percent of the pot (cosmetic wax only) 2. Turn on the electricity for 25 - 30 minutes until the wax melts sufficiently 3. Do the temperature test for a little hot wax in your hand, then brush them on your body randomly, the more times, the better effect 4. If used for the hand, you can use the rubber gloves and the cotton gloves, postpone the gloves after 20 minutes and defect the gloves together with the used wax 5. Turn the machine off and on, the wax in the pot can be used circle

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