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Dorsch Rectangular Roaster Premium - 39 X 28 Cm

Dorsch Rectangular Roaster Premium - 39 X 28 Cm

Brand: Dorsch

$ 23.00

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SKU: DH-08953/PR

If you looking for a baking sheet for cooking, baking and roasting? This extra heavy-duty pan is the answer.It has excellent heat conductive qualities and are suitable for temperatures up to 450?C. Whether sweet or savoury, in the leakproof oven sheets with the extra-high rim, cakes, pizza and roasts will turn out as perfectly as casseroles. Thanks to the extendable frame it fits perfectly in every oven. Dorsch rectangular cake pan is ideal for baking cakes, lasagna, or Bechamel Chicken Pasta. Its nonstick surface releases the treats with ease and cleans up?with ease. Commercial-grade material distributes heat quickly and evenly for consistent baking results. The ceramic coating reinforces our pans making them more resistant to abrasion than normal non-stick surfaces and releases Cake with ease. Coated wire reinforcement along the rim maximizes durability and resistance to rust and warping. Dishwasher safe. Use Oven safe to 450?F. Before first use, hand-wash the pans in warm water with mild dishwashing soap. Due to this bakeware?s heat efficiency, we suggest monitoring the oven temperature and baking time for the first few uses, then making adjustments to recipes as necessary. Do not cut baked goods while they are in the pan. Care Hand-wash?& Dry thoroughly. Do not use abrasive cleaners such as metal scouring pads, as they can damage the surface. A soft sponge or kitchen brush will remove baked-on food particles. You may need to scrub lightly.

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