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HAILO - Click And Grow – Rosemary Plant Pods (3 Packs)
HAILO - Click And Grow – Rosemary Plant Pods (3 Packs)

Click And Grow – Rosemary Plant Pods (3 Packs)

USD 9.00
Grow fresh rosemary in your indoor herb garden! Rosemary is an aromatic herb that’s widely used in the mediterranean cuisine. A popular herb in roasts, stews, salads and pastas, rosemary is also known as the main ingredient in rosemary oil which has a plentitude of benefits. Rosemary oil is used to improve memory and mood among multiple other uses. Cooking with rosemary will not only add wonderful flavour, but also bring many health benefits to your diet. Start growing rosemary today! Click & grow rosemary benefits: rosemary will add dietary fiber and vitamins a, c and b6 to your diet rosemary oil will help with memory, mood inflammations and many more with click & grow, growing rosemary is as easy as it can get no gmo’s, pesticides or herbicides
HAILO - Click and Grow
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