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HAILO - Acar Diamond Casting Cake Mold - Black 24cm

Acar Diamond Casting Cake Mold - Black 24cm

USD 11.00
The smell of cake in your kitchen will also have a great contribution; Diamond Casting Cake Mold.. The cake mold, which will also amaze you in the presentation image before the taste; With the quality of aluminum casting, use will provide ease of cooking and double the flavor of your cakes. The diamond cake mold, which you can easily and easily remove from its mold thanks to its non-stick casting, will amaze your loved ones with its tiny square details formed by its appetizing lines, the presentation and flavor of the cakes you will prepare next to your tea hours. The casting handles on the side will give you ease and practicality with its multi-purpose use that does not burn hands in your carrying and turning. You will not be able to get enough of making cakes with its beautiful colors and you will use it very fondly; Diamond Casting Cake Mold is waiting for you to offer its charm to your presentations. Product Content; 1 Cake Mold Measure; 24 x 9 Cm
HAILO - Acar
SKU XDD-011742/10

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